the potential in the 10%

September 10, 2011


according to this article, once 10% of the population picks up on something, the majority quickly follows. there’s a few conditions to it – the 10% have to be unwavering, the majority need to be at least open to the idea – but even with those conditions it’s an interesting threshold to think about when [...]

experiential shift

September 6, 2011


I love how people can be so damn optimistic. we go on our diets, we buy our exercise machines, we think we’re going to change the world. we’re only a resolution away from super-human status. but so often we fail. and as much as “failing” has been such a trendy topic in any industry [...]

there is no brief for awhile

August 18, 2011


Tomorrow is my last day at BBH New York. This is what I’m doing and where you’ll be able to find me for awhile. Why I feel blessed I worked and became friends with the best. BBH was awesome to me and graciously gave me lots of space, support and opportunities. I have lots of love for the place. I [...]

farewell old friend

July 8, 2011


as a kid, like so many kids out there, I was fascinated by the space program. I never saw the movie Space Camp, but somehow in my little Midwestern childhood learned about it, and suddenly my eight year-old self got hell-bent on going. my father, the hard-working, earn-your-shit immigrant that he was, demanded I earn [...]

holla @hayesthompson

December 9, 2010


holla @hayesthompson

dude made me the sweetest poster ever. i mean, it’s not a poster yet. it’s on his screen. but it’s awesome nonetheless.

well, this one might get me ostracized

December 7, 2010


i honestly don’t usually read agency spy or any of the ad blogs: i don’t care that much about the ins and outs of the industry, i don’t know enough people in the industry to know who’s being talked about and i find the commenters a bit negatively extreme. (i have this picture in my [...]

new york love emergency

November 15, 2010


@americangrain + @uberblond

a letter to myself

October 16, 2010


We work in an industry that requires us to compromise. No one of us can look back over the arc of our career and say that we didn’t work on something that, if we dug into it deeply enough, made us squirm. I have sold chemical drinks, “foods” with unspeakable ingredients, products that have negative environmental [...]

five things i’m thinking about this week

October 9, 2010


sacred spaces I went to the opera last week. The Met faintly smells of some churches – I think it’s the velvet of the seats and the heavy wood. Levine came out to thunderous applause, the lights dimmed, the chandeliers elegantly rose and we were off, soon deep in a world of beauty, art, thought, music. No [...]

i need a shovel

September 1, 2010


i need a shovel

i love digital shit, i really do. i went on vacation lately where i met an astrologist in the hot tub and she was so full of life and talked about how because of our digital connections we are now truly in the age of aquarius and how we’re in an age of great [...]