i need a shovel

Posted on September 1st, 2010 at 2:28 am by @uberblond


i love digital shit, i really do. i went on vacation lately where i met an astrologist in the hot tub and she was so full of life and talked about how because of our digital connections we are now truly in the age of aquarius and how we’re in an age of great humanity through hyper-connectivity. and whereas i’ve never been an astrology chick – I’ve been told my whole life that Capricorns are miserable bitches so I hope you can understand my wariness towards the whole thing – the description and the human possibility was so hopeful and positive i couldn’t help but to stare at this woman and think, “maybe that is what this whole digital revolution or whatever you want to call it is really all about” and “wouldn’t it be cool if it was??”

which is would be.

but i don’t know what got into my head tonight. somewhere between using my dropbox to simultaneously “chat” with my web designer in nyc and my developers in india (and on top of that more chat simultaneously via yahoo chat), i had a hit of a memory of standing in front of my elementary school, the smell of fresh dirt wafting up to my little towhead and watching a time capsule, only hours before meticulously assembled by grubby nine year-old hands, being gingerly laid to rest in a shallow grave in to the side of the school steps.

man that was cool. and man wouldn’t it be cooler to find one of those today?

i mean, i know our external drives are bursting with memories as well, but could they ever feel as wondrous as digging up one of those elementary school time capsules and sifting through the physical stuff deemed momentous by children of another era?