five things i’m thinking about this week

Posted on October 9th, 2010 at 3:20 pm by @uberblond


sacred spaces

I went to the opera last week. The Met faintly smells of some churches – I think it’s the velvet of the seats and the heavy wood. Levine came out to thunderous applause, the lights dimmed, the chandeliers elegantly rose and we were off, soon deep in a world of beauty, art, thought, music.

No tweet could do those hours justice. No video could make you feel how it felt to be there. And I wouldn’t even want to try because its sacred. It’s too beautiful, too personal to try to send over the airwaves. I have resolved to relish those sacred spaces, keep them safe. I have also resolved to not bastardize others sacred spaces. Some places and moments need to remain untouched.

plannerization specialization maximus

“What kind of planner are you?”

I’m just a planner. I don’t have a special theory set or a specific angle in – I like to think that I assess what’s needed and then pull on the theories that I need to accomplish that task at hand – digital or analogue, granular or macro. I morph. Some people I really respect have special titles and write special decks about their brand of planning. I wonder if I’m a dinosaur or perhaps they’re a fad or maybe a bit of both.


my great-grandfather and my grandfather lived in the Ukraine, at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. Every spring they would go up into the hills and bring back a baby wolf or two. And every fall, after a summer of companionship, those wolf pups would disappear back into the mountains. A wolf appeared on my father’s property in Florida a few years back. It bred with his dog, had a litter and eventually, my father was able to tame her down enough to capture her to re-release her in the wild. We kept the litter. So I got a hybrid pup. His name was Otto.

Yesterday I was watching the wind whip through some trees in Tribeca and it made me think about their loyalty and their simultaneous aloofness. I don’t think they’re really built for Facebook, are they?

rumor-mongering and how absolutely stupid our industry can be

kevin’s out, ben’s gone, seth announced his resignation yesterday and the chatter is alive that BBH New York is going to shit. funny, it sure doesn’t feel that way.

how absolutely fucking awesome pee-wee herman is

i don’t if the dude masturbated in a theater, he’s one of my childhood idols and his NYC tour this week was awesome.