there is no brief for awhile

Posted on August 18th, 2011 at 6:55 pm by @uberblond


Tomorrow is my last day at BBH New York.
This is what I’m doing and where you’ll be able to find me for awhile.

Why I feel blessed
I worked and became friends with the best.
BBH was awesome to me and graciously gave me lots of space, support and opportunities. I have lots of love for the place.
I never had to write a deck for Emma Cookson thus keeping my true (lack of) planning ability cloaked.
I have a network of cheerleaders near and far that are way generous with their support.
Since day one in planning, I’ve had and still have the best mentor I could possibly ask for.

What I believe
Integrity and positivity are everything.
Planning should be practical, real and useful not theoretical, intellectualized and esoteric.
With the right team, you can do just about anything.

What I’m proud of
The gays
BBH Barn interns helping homeless people, helping London riot people and helping Brian

Why I’m doing this
I want to breathe a bit.
I’m tired of “understanding” through screens and reports.
I want to touch what the hell is going on in America right now.
Because I can.

What I’ll miss
The people
The Fab Four
@colleddy’s hair
@sam_jesse’s face
Google Row(s)
Little Brother
The Barn
Big Bird
The people